5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

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Are you getting married and don’t know where to start? Are you a busy bride and don’t have the luxury of time? A special day like your wedding should always be prepared for. If you are a busy bee and does not have the luxury of time, hiring a wedding planner will be the best option for you. Depending on the couple’s budget and circumstances, some may want to plan their wedding on their own, some wanted to get help from the professionals. And who are they? The wedding planners. 

First , let me tell you what wedding planners do. Wedding planners are the one who help couples to make their wedding day successful. They are professionals who executes your vision and ideas while you are on the VIP table enjoying the moment. With their expertise, you do not to take all the responsibilities alone, they will ease your burdens and lessen your sleepless nights. They will take you to shortcuts and direct you to the right suppliers that fits your standards according to your budget. They do the supplier recommendations, event risk management, security and safety, guest receiving, registration and seating arrangement, ceremony and entourage lineup, bridal shop visits, time management, invitation and program proofreading, budget tracking, vendor bookings and more! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, decision making together with an expert wedding planner will give you more time to enjoy the process rather than absorbing the pressure alone.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is Surprisingly Beneficial: 


1. They can get you discounts.

Wedding planners are price-conscious and great at negotiations. They had established connections with wedding suppliers and can get you a reliable event vendor at a “supplier’s rate”. It would be a helpful key for couples who have a strict budget on their wedding. Wedding planners can make deals for you with their trusted suppliers that fits your budget. If you want extravagant or affordable event styling, they can get you the best for your budget. They know who are the ripped off event decorators and the honest and reliable one. It is a big plate searching and dealing with Photographers, Event Host, Catering Services, Reception decors, transportation rentals, cake, hotels bookings, bridal shops, invitation suppliers, souvenirs, makeup artists and more! Your wedding planner can call these event vendors and talk to them in one seating. They will do the talking and negotiation for you. Event vendors does not give discounts that easily, your wedding planner can give you that privilege. Wedding planners will help you avoid mistakes in planning and unnecessary overhead costs.

2. Gain a friend and build a long term business relationship.

At many times, couples would choose the most expensive and famous if their budget permits. Others would chose a planner because the package offered is cheap. Do not rush yourself in choosing a wedding planner, take time to meet them in person, observe their way of answering your questions and discussing budget options. Intelligence, professionalism and good charisma, these are the key characteristics that every great planner should have. Remember that you will be with them for the next six to twelve months, it is vital that you have chemistry, trust and mutual respect to each other. Make sure that your planner have good reviews, legit, have business permits and issues Business Bureau Official Receipts. Choose a wedding planner that have an office where you can consult and visit them anytime. Choose a wedding planner that have enough manpower to accommodate you in case they have out of town weddings and you need an urgent matter to be attended. Do not base your judgment on the price tag, believe in your gut feeling and pick the best one that suits your personality and style.

After your wedding day, your planner can still be a reliable source to your future events such as Christening, anniversary, birthdays and other special occasions. If you have a new product or a business that needs promotion, because of their wide connections, you can tap them for help and possibly become your business partner in the future!

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3. Wave All Your Worries Goodbye.

Some couple may become stressed upon planning for the big day. Because of popular trends, we may become too preoccupied with difference wedding ideas, wedding planners got your back and will point you to the right style in every budget up to the smallest details. During complicated situation, an experienced wedding planner will do the flexing for you. They would guide you to any doubtful situations. Even in emotional circumstances, wedding planners have been professional in giving pieces of advice.  If you are not into socializing (mostly the groom), wedding planners can do some tricks on the table and seating arrangement that will make you enjoy your wedding day without having to do table hopping. If you have do’s and don’ts that you want to implement on your wedding day, they can always find work around to make it happen. These experts make the process smoother, leaving all your worries behind.

4. They are all about perfection.

An experienced wedding planner knows what they do. They are fastidious when it comes to hectic preparations and always strives for perfection. They want to give you the best wedding by giving their best service. As their client, you will have control of the decision and budget and they are there for execution. They will make it happen. They make the guests feel comfortable, informed and relaxed. An expert wedding planner will give your wedding a “wow factor” that every couple wants.

5. Have fun.  

With the help of your wedding planner or known as “wedding best friend”, you and your partner will enjoy your special day. A professional wedding planner will understand your predicaments and limitations. They will stick to your timeline, respect your ideas, your visions and most especially your budget. The perfect timing will be difficult to achieve but with their help, you and your partner will be more relaxed and confident that everything will go smoothly. A wedding planner will help you navigate the bumps that you are experiencing in the rough road. The bumps will always be there but with the help of your wedding planner, you can surely resolve them.

Of course! All of us do not want our weddings to be a flop and we do not want them to be influenced by any failures and unacceptable errors. May you find and hire the best wedding planner. Someone who’s an expert on what they do. Experts on providing solutions for what you wanted to achieve and gives your ideas that are out of the box. Your special day should be just as how you envision it. Do not let yourself be so stressed about it. Let your mind be at ease and enjoy everything. You and your partner should relax and trust your wedding planner. They will be like your fairy godmothers that makes the magic happen!

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