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April 13, 2020
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April 19, 2020

You might have been wearing your engagement ring now. Thinking of how many people would you invite, what would be your wedding song, who would do the gown and so many things! Bear in mind that it is vital to decide first on your wedding date and final reception venue, before you choose your unique wedding theme.

There are 3 things to consider when choosing a wedding theme.
  • The weather: If your wedding falls into summer you can choose outdoor and enjoy a bit of sunshine in a garden or perhaps a beach wedding. If it’s within rainy season, it is safer to choose an indoor function hall with church ceremony.
  • The size and ambiance: If your function hall is too small, consider a classic theme that does not require tall centerpieces, big dance floor and extravagant stage backdrops. If your reception have wooden floors and tables, antique window details and high ceiling structure a rustic or fairy tale theme is best.
  • The budget: If your one of the luckiest bride where sky is the limit for the budget, dig on! Get the most fragrant and expensive flowers and hire the best event stylist. Let your stylist do the thinking for you, ask for mood boards and sample layout, your stylist knows best. If you’re a DIY bride, need not to worry because there tons of ideas for you here and over the internet!
Here are the top 10 wedding theme ideas that you can chose for your wedding.
1.  The Whimsical Garden 
Summer or spring season is the most ideal for putting up a garden theme wedding. It is because nature themed weddings look expensive and classy. If you and your partner are outdoor geeks, then garden wedding fits for you. If you’re on a tight budget on you can have an intimate wedding in your backyard and inviting only your loved ones! Install string lights, mixed with more greens on your centerpiece and choose local flowers. Renting a cabin and doing the ceremony on the woods would also be a very romantic idea. You will be amazed by how beautiful nature would be on your wedding day.
whimsical garden wedding
2. Beach Wedding
Weddings that are held on the beach are the most common and the same time popular for couples who wanted to make their wedding an unforgettable destination. It can be all in one. You and your partner may have the wedding and the honeymoon in one place. At the same time, saying “I do’s” on bare feet in the sand and front of the sea would capture solemnity and calmness to welcome another new phase of life and love. A perfect time for the guests to unwind and enjoy too. Doing it on a sunrise or a sunset would be the most perfect idea.
beach ceremony

3. Traditional Vintage
For some, vintage weddings show elegance and purity. With inspiration from the past decades, you can have the location in an old museum, old libraries or parks. It would also be helpful for couples who like a royal theme wedding but with an affordable budget. Paying some tribute to family traditions on your wedding through this theme would show how you respect both of your heritage as a couple. Plus, brides would not have a stressful time looking for vintage wedding gowns that match with their antique-looking decors on their wedding day. A vintage wedding will surely reflect the past and future life of both of you as a couple. Leaving the wedding reception with a classic get-away car would be so grandiose. 
vintage wedding ideas
4. The Tropical Boho
A perfect idea for couples who wanted to pursue a fresh, breezy wedding that shows their hippie side as a couple. A boho themed wedding would look very nice with vibrant colors which are a very engaging wedding color scheme. A theme that looks so carefree and humble at the same time. A vibrant wedding would reflect how would you welcome a new phase of your life as a couple with full of happiness and energy. Everyone loves a wedding that can pull off a bright spirit! 
5. The Modern Minimalist
Most millennial couples go with this kind of theme. For couples who are firm believers of “less is more”. With an affordable budget around, minimalist would serve a very light, cool and bold aura. Modern minimalist is sticking on plain colors. It would emphasize the main event and would not look very flashy. It is also easy to modify. Keeping it simple and too personal would make it so unforgettable for everyone. Also called as “Luxe Weddings”, modern minimalist hits the aesthetic side of the couple 
6. The Rustic Country Theme
The most popular and most used theme. This theme tends toward a simple farm-like idea with a splash of wood and organic colors. For couples who wanted a fresh and innovative theme, who loves animals most, the rustic country theme would be the best idea. You can rent a barn or a ranch, strings light for ambiance and hang some dream catchers and vines on ceiling and walls for details. It gives guests a relaxing and savvy vibe. Rustic shows how something old can be new again which is like marriage. 
rustic wedding ideas
Perfect for couples who are bookworms or movie geeks. This goes more like a fairy-tale themed wedding. You can base it on your favorite book or movie as a couple. A very interesting theme that is imaginative and detailed. A theme that would ignite the minds of your guests and would be very remarkable because of how heavy themed it is. With all the details, the wedding would surely be perfect for guests who want selfies and worthy backgrounds. 
storybook wedding
8. Colored Theme Wedding
If both of you as a couple have your favorite color that you want to incorporate, a color-themed wedding would be your choice. It is also popular for couples who want to base it on one or two colors only. Affordable yet beautiful to look at. One of the best and popular is the pastel color. Connecting back to one color also for the base would be less work.
themed wedding
9. Outdoor Theme
This is different from the Garden theme wedding. If you and your partner prefer hiking, doing mountain climbing’s or most of the time have your dates in an outdoor adventure, the outdoor theme would fit. You would not need too much décor because mother nature will help you through it. An outdoor theme wedding will give you very natural decors and backgrounds that look stunning and breathtaking on its own. You and your wedding planner do not need to overdo everything. 
outdoor wedding
10. The Mod Retro
This a new popular theme for millennial weddings nowadays. A 1960s era-based theme with a splash of retro that would bring out the funkiness side of the couple. A vintage theme wedding is different from Mod. Mod is more on the retro side. Retro colors are very easy to blend in at the same time looking for outfits would be easy. Retro prenups are so beautiful that according to some, mod retro is the best theme for weddings.
Mod wedding
11. DIY
The DIY decor is for couples who want to create something that no one else has done before. It may sound easy because you do not need any design or idea to base, but it would be a lot of work to do. The ideas would be more on the touch of your personality and your partners. It would look impressive and very personal if the guests can see that your decors are based on what you envision, and all the guests would be amazed because you make it happen.
DIY wedding ideas
Planning a wedding is a collaborative effort. Your decision about your wedding process does matter as well as your partner, make sure to listen to each other’s ideas. Remember, that your wedding day focuses on the union of love and on entering a new phase of life as a married couple. Some couples, usually the bride tends to go beyond their budget just to impress the guests, do not the same mistake. Exercise team work, if you can get through the tiring process of wedding preparation, then you are indeed prepared for more married life challenges!


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