6 Steps on Postponing Your Wedding Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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April 9, 2020
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During this unprecedented times, many engaged couples are left with no option but to postpone their wedding. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the government strictly limits group gatherings due to widespread of COVID-19.  Large events and mass gatherings can contribute to virus spread, travelers who attend the gathering can bring the virus to new communities. Prepare yourselves how to combat these challenges by following these 6 steps on postponing your wedding.

Wedding is a celebration of love and life together with your loved ones, the last thing that you want is to spread the virus and put their life at risk. It is for the greater good to postpone your wedding but do not fret. Love is what matters, if you have found your true love; you’re celebrating life!

Here are the 6 steps to take in postponing your wedding.

Step 1: Acceptance over distress

It’s okay to be upset, frustrations are there specially if you already spent money, time and effort on many preparations. This pandemic is a global health crisis and the only way to defeat it is to isolate people to avoid rampant spread. Though it is okay to feel broken, just be sure to restore yourself timely and start to look for a solution.

Step 2: Review your signed contracts and inform your wedding suppliers

Contracts with your wedding suppliers specifies rescheduling options, refund and event changes clause. Make sure you understand the contract and its limitations before meeting them. Be flexible and understanding to your suppliers, accept unattainable terms and date unavailability. Lastly, be prepared with your rebuttals when arguments arise.

Freeze your custom orders like invitation and souvenirs. Do not rush on deciding a new date, list down available dates and recommendations from your suppliers, this is vital for your decision making on the latter.

If you have made payment with no contract, list down your changes and discuss it with your wedding planner or supplier. Negotiate lightly and come up with an amendable agreement. Make sure to put it in writing and make a signed contract this time.

Step 3: Communicate with your guests

Inform your guests of your decision and consider those who reside abroad if they can make it. If others are not amendable of the changes, it’s an opportunity for you to save money and decrease your guest list. Contemplate on not inviting elderly and children below 10 yrs. old for they are those vulnerable of the virus.

Step 4 Decision making

Once you have gathered inputs from your wedding planner, church, guests and other suppliers, it’s time to decide on your new wedding date. Changing supplier is optional, but do not hesitate to change them if the relationship and trust has been tarnished. Your supplier’s attitude towards challenging times is an indication whether they are capable of doing things right. If you have decided to change the venue, you might want to change your wedding theme that matches the ambiance. Consider changing the dress code if you switched to outdoor or summer season. Once you have decided on the wedding changes, call your suppliers and make necessary bookings. Some event suppliers only cater one event per day, pay booking fees or negotiate payment options to ensure your date is blocked.

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Step 5: Finalize your budget

Consider it a blessing if at the end of the day, you ended up saving more by rescheduling your wedding. If your expenses increased due to re-booking fees, you can lower your budget on decorations, entourage gowns, cake, souvenirs and use minimal flowers. Remove unnecessary expenses like pre-nup outfits, full band setup, violinist, expensive vintage bridal cars, lavish hotel rooms, expensive gifts for entourage and VIPs. Asking relatives and friends for sponsorship is also helpful. Downgrade on things listed above but never on food.

Step 6: Make announcement

Final changes of your wedding must be made official by distributing your revised invitation cards. Meanwhile, due to enhanced community quarantine situation, you may send a soft copy of your invitation cards through email or social media. Make personal phone calls to relatives who do not use social media channels.

My final advice is to take one step at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself on all task in one day. You might think that you have to plan the entire wedding all over again, but after a few emails and phone calls, your problem is solved. I know that every couple can’t wait to bring their families together, when this global health problem is over, your big celebration awaits! All of us, including my team will be back to our usual lives and it’s going to be more amusing this time! Remember that your event is not cancelled, you are only given more time to prepare and enjoy singlehood!

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